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Ardell Natural Eye Lashes #101- Best choice for the Beginners!

ardell natural 101 lashes madame madeline cosmetics
Image by @Kmillegirly

Ardell lashes are always loaded with an extensive and alluring range of fluttery falsies that not only accentuate your eyes, but also transform your entire appearance to a more beautiful you. The best thing about these fashion accessories is that they are an instant source of adding more glamour and dimensions to your face, and thus to your overall look.

Although, the variety in the false lashes and the different designs, styles and texture that Ardelllashes offers is apparently an attractive feature of the brand. However, sometimes, so many options make it a bit tough for the beginners to select the most suitable falsies for them.

To help out such first timers in this post, we are providing complete details about one of the best false lashes by Ardelllashes that are mild, gentle and also easy to wear. It’s none other than the all time favorite Ardell Natural Eyelashes #101.

Ardell Natural Eye Lashes #101 are not just worn by the common people, rather; these are widely used and appreciated by the celebrities, makeup artists, fashionistas and models. This is particularly because of their design, which adds more volume and vigor to eye lines, while preserving their natural beauty.

If you have decided to go a bit edgy for a party, prom or wedding, then these false lashes can help you achieve that dramatic and jazzed look for the evening. Its bold and vibrant bristles help you to highlight and elaborate your facial features; making you look more sensuous than ever before.

Ardell Natural Eye Lashes #101 are made up of 100% sterile human hair. Due to which they don’t appear exaggerated, rather; they simply glorify the natural beauty of your eyes. Also, these falsies are not specified to eyes of a particular size. Whether you have got round, small or almond shaped eyes, you can wear these Ardell lashes on all. Thanks to their special design which complements all faces, regardless to their features.

How to wear eyelashes- Guide for the beginners

Obviously, if you are a first timer, then you must master the techniques to put these fake eyelashes on in the best possible way. So, following are the few simple steps to easily wear these fine falsies.

Step 1: Clean your eye, using a cotton dab, with some oil free makeup cleanser on it.

Step 2: Using a pair of tweezers, peel the Ardell lashes from the package and trim off its ends, as per the need.

Step 3: Apply some adhesive fluid to the wide band of the Ardelllashes  and using a toothpick spread it out evenly.

Step 4: Now using tweezers, place the fake lash strip on the eye line and press it with a cotton ball to secure it and to remove the excess of glue.

Step 5: Using a toothpick, set individual hair and curl them outwards. Finally, apply mascara onto them, so that they blend with your natural lashes.


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