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Ardell False Eyelashes: Types of False Lashes

natural ardell madeline eyelashes The color of your dress and the height of your heels are not the only factors making you look attractive in a party. There are many other subtle details too; you usually forget to count on, that can act as the icing on the cake and glorify your entire look.

Eyelashes are one of those fine and supplementary details that might seem not-so-significant but they do have a remarkable effect on your overall appearance. In our previous blog, we discussed about the selection of Ardell fake eyelashes, as per the shape of the eyes. Taking it a step ahead, in this post we are discussing the different types of Ardell false lashes that are currently available at the stores.

Natural Looking False Lashes

If you are going for a casual dinner or a daytime outing, and you have put up a mild makeup, then going overboard with thick eyelashes is not a good idea. You should rather opt for something delicate and lighter- one from the ‘natural looking collection’ of Ardell false eyelashes.

These natural looking false lashes blend perfectly with your real lashes and make them look elongated and naturally beautiful, without exaggerating your appearance.

Full False Lashes

For a bold and vibrant look- one for a photo shoot or a theatre act, you need makeup that can highlight and elaborate your facial features, to make you look more sensuous. For such a makeover, you would need full false lashes that add vigor and volume to your eyelashes and eventually accentuate your eyes.

These fluttery falsies might look a bit heavier: as they are densely packed with lashes, but look dazzling in the photos that are clicked from a distance. Ardell false lashes, has got a wide variety of such lashes that add dramatic volume to your eyelids, with its unique crisscross designs.

Individual False Lashes

Next in the list are the individual false lashes. These are also called the most useful fake eyelashes, because their quantity can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Since individual lashes are also available in different sizes and designs, you can even customize their use. By this we mean that you don’t need to stick to a particular lash-shape that strip lashes have, rather, you can choose individual eyelashes from different sets and recreate one of your desire.

If you want to have a fine, gentle look then you can add few individual lashes to the corners of your eyes to make them look longer, with sweeping ends. Furthermore, Ardell false eyelashes also allow you to play with your lover eyelashes, by highlighting them with individual flares added to them.

However, individual lashes are not easily to be done. Obviously, applying glue to each lash and then placing it carefully on the lash line is much more time consuming than putting a single lash strip. But when your lashes appear closer to natural and more elegant than the hard work pays off.

Choose the most suitable Ardell false eyelashes, according to the makeup you are applying and the event you are going to, to dazzle like a diva.

Ardell Lashes can be found at big retail chain stores such as Rite Aid, WalGreens, CVS, and online beauty stores such as Madame Madeline or Sally Beauty.

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