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Ardell Eyelashes 111 Vs Bullseye Lady Lashes For Big Eyes

ardell-natural-111-bullseye-lady-lashesLadies lucky enough to be in possession of large, round and absolutely captivating eyes may want to consider enhancing their baby blues with some popular Bullseye or . But deciding which type will work best and help achieve your desired effect, whether it be subtle and natural or bold and extravagant, can often leave you stumped.

After analyzing numerous , we’ve concluded that if you’re game for displaying some daring and unmistakable flare, Ardell Eyelashes #111 and Bullseye Lady Lashes both come well recommended for big eyes, providing good quality for relatively . Both styles are very similar to Andrea Modlash #23 style, and they provide a lot of volume as well as dramatic length with 13 dense clusters of hair attached by an invisible clear band for a more realistic appearance. The eyelashes are slightly shorter in the outer corner and a bit curvier and longer in the outer corner, but the thickness is the same throughout the entire strip.

Bullseye’s full-length Lady lashes claim to be pure vavavavoom, made exclusively for the bold bodacious diva, shy and retiring types need not apply! They’re ideal for those extra special occasions, performances, professional photography and even clubbing events (where you will be photographed!), each package with a round-shaped lash holder contains one pair of 100% human hair reusable strip lashes. You can grab a pair in their revolutionary travel powder-looking case at Madame Madeline for $14, or get a refill with the same Bullseye Lady style for about $6.

This style is comparable to Ardell Eyelashes #111, which too, boast a distinctly glamorous appeal at a much cheaper price of $3.50 at Madame Madeline (shipping is extra). Also made of 100% human hair that has been sterilized, each strip of Ardell Eyelashes is both knotted and feathered by hand. When applied using Ardell lashgrip eyelash adhesive, they are typically easy to apply (unless this is your first time!), and stay securely in place until you remove them at night. Which is greatly reassuring as the last thing any woman wants to suffer is a rogue eyelash slyly descending from her eyelid and landing delicately on her cheekbone while she is in mid conversation and in full view of every passer by. Many users, however, report that the strips are a bit heavy so wearing them may get uncomfortable by the end of the day. But, unless you are willing to spend $40 on a pair of most lightweight authentic (cruelty-free) mink falsies on the market by luxurious Minki Lashes, $3.50/pair for Ardell eyelashes may easily justify your discomfort…

Ardell Eyelashes 111 are handmade to exact specifications; these flirty falsies are beautifully curved with longer strands added to produce a fully dramatic effect (for a more natural effect, do check out Minki Lashes as they perfectly mimic the shape of your own eyelash). And if you really want to go the extra mile with your amazingly striking and positively alluring optics, you might want to try completing your look with an electric eyelash curler. Though to some they may resemble tiny instruments of torture, rest assured they’re nothing to be afraid of and if you use them to create a subtle curl that lifts slightly outwards instead of going straight up frontwards, you’ll also effectively create the illusion that your eyes are wider.

Celebrities with big eyes include ‘The Help’s’ Octavia Spencer and the lovely Penelope Cruz and you may want to look at some red carpet pictures of them for some sexy, sophisticated eye makeup inspiration.

Considering different eye shapes is key when investing in faux lashes for big eyes, as is using the right pencil in the right way. Makeup artist Carmindy from TLC’s What Not to Wear recommends that when using eyeliner for big eyes, you can start lining all the way at the inside corner and lightly sweep the pencil on in small dashes, getting as close to the roots as possible to achieve a natural look.

But if this dramatic feel is simply too theatrical for your tastes, you can tone it down and warm up your features by applying natural makeup for brown eyes, by using a white eye shadow as a base with bronze tones overlaying, your brown optics will still draw attention without being dazzlingly kitschy.

In conclusion, both Ardell eyelashes 111 and Bullseye Lady lashes are designed for drama and are more suitable for special occasions that require a bit of exaggerated “wow-ness” for your big eyes. They are practically identical in shape, length and volume, but the latter one seems to have a tiny bit softer feel than the first one, hence the more expensive price. Considering that both are made of human hair, our verdict is that Ardell eyelashes are a better value, especially if you are planning on wearing them only once or twice… For long term reusable strips, check out luxurious Mink Lashes.

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