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Add Vigor And Style to Your Eyes With Ardell And Bullseye lashes

bullseyelashes-eyelashesWhether you are going to a formal morning brunch with the family or a late night party with friends, girls always want to dazzle at social gatherings with their stylish outfits and beautiful looks. However, as every girl focuses on these two aspects of beauty; is there any other way through which you can stand out? Well, yes!

A pair of fake eyelashes is a supplementary makeup accessory that most girls forget to put on. These tiny hair strips might not look too significant to bring about a change in your appearance; but once worn, these feathery faux lashes allure your natural beauty, making you look sensuous.

Although it looks pretty easy to select falsies and put them on; however, there are different things to consider when buying false lashes. At Madame Madeline Cosmetics, we put an end to your beauty woes, by presenting you with the best false lashes brands, under a single roof. Today, we will be discussing some of these leading brands and their unique features.

Ardell LashesArdell Lashes

AThe simple reason why girls are becoming fonder of natural looking lashes is that they give an elegant and captivating look, without overshadowing subtle inner beauty. On the other hand, dramatic or very dense false eyelashes may well be suited for a theatrical act or play performance on stage or on screen.

Ardell lashes does not only make strip lashes, which are quite common nowadays; rather, it also makes individual lashes. These are separate hair spikes that are to be attached to the eye line, using duo adhesive. These are particularly added to the end of the eyes to make them elongated, with sweeping ends.

Bullseye LashesBullseye Lashes


The second fake lash brand that we are discussing here is Bullseye Lashes. These lashes are made up of high quality, light fiber sterile human hair, and therefore; are fine and very easy to wear. By applying a little amount of duo adhesive onto the strip, you can easily attach these lashes to your eye line. Also, removing these lashes is quite easy; making the overall fake lashes experience, a convenient one.

Bullseye lashes are not specified to a particular shape of eye; rather, most of its eyelashes have been designed in a way to compliments all eyes, whether they are round, small, almond shaped or large. Also, its variety ranges from natural looking lashes to fully glamorized and dramatizing lashes. So choose the one you think suits you the best.

If you want to buy any of these lashes to enhance the beauty of your eyes, then check out Madame Madeline cosmetic store now at www.MadameMadeline.com


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