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Add more oomph to your fluttering eyelids!

Mimic the stars and go mild to wild with false eyelashes!

Be it Kim Kardashian’s smoky eyes or Katy Perry’s Cleopatra-esque look, if you look closely at pictures of celebrities, those beautifully thick eyelashes cannot be missed. While they may not be for everyone, false eyelashes are a great way of adding vigor to your batting eyelashes. Fairly easy-to-use and widely available at cosmetic shops and online stores like Madame Madeline, you do not have a long way to go to get those fuller, dramatic lashes. You can choose from full or strip lashes made of real human hair or synthetic fibers, while the novice can start with the lash-by-lash technique to adhere individual fake lashes one by one to their own individual lashes, giving them a makeover.

False lashes don’t have to be dramatic; they can be used to fill out a regular lash. The difference kohl-lined eyes, a dash of eyeliner and a fuller lash can make, is strong yet subtle. Admittedly, there is a learning curve to skillfully applying false lashes so that they look natural and long lasting. Strip lashes are easy to apply- clean your eyelids and eyelashes and follow these three simple steps to let your eyes do their magic!

• Step 1: Measure and snip

Whether you are using the lash-by-lash technique or the more convenient, one size fits all strip lashes, you have to cut them to the right length. Hold the lash up to your eyelid to determine how much to snip off and use scissors to trim to the right size.

• Step 2: Glue it up

An ideal way to apply a thin ribbon of adhesive along the band of your strip lash would be to use a toothpick or an ear bud. Wait until it gets sticky and ready to wear!

• Step 3: Don the lash and rock!

Use tweezers or a toothpick to position it on to the base of your lashes and press it with your finger till it sticks. Voila! You now have beautifully thick eyelashes that can be highlighted even further with a few coats of mascara!

Whether you are thin lashed or simply getting ready for a concert, you have a lot to explore while playing with false eyelashes. From natural and glamorous to dramatized, you can find the largest selection of lashes at www.madamemadeline.com with a vast assortment of false eyelashes which include strip lashes, individual lashes, lash extensions, feather lashes, colored lashes, and jazzed up glitter or sparkle lashes.

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