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October 18, 2017

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October 31, 2017

Accessories Every Woman Needs This Winter

October 24, 2017
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So there’s a girls night in and you don’t know how to look your best, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Unless of course, some of us are a hair and makeup pro, we all end up needing some help with pulling off a unique and glamorous look. Of course none of us would want to go on a party with a bare face, so that’s no argument. Makeup is essential to women like clothes, almost. And you don’t have to go to that party sporting your regular shade of lipstick just because you think you aren’t skilled enough. Let’s hop on to the journey of discovering new makeup tricks and tips that will make your flawless natural beauty even more radiant!

It’s always a tough time of the year for the majority when you make that transition from the summer dainty pieces into your winter wardrobe. It becomes a time where darkness arrives earlier and earlier and the heavy pieces come out to play. That doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any glamour in your outfit, especially as winter accessories are bold, strong and luxurious.

To help you add something different and a little extra into your outfit, we’ve come up with winter accessories every woman needs in their wardrobe!

The Winter Cape


Winter capes is something that is seen as a winter accessory, regardless of how bizarre it may sound. Milan Fashion Week has brought back the cape and can seamlessly blend into all your outfit choices, ensuring you keep your colour coordination in tack. Whether you decide to purchase faux-fur trimmed or a woollen blend, winter capes are here to stay and you should invest in one. Enjoy a versatile item that is bringing a vintage twist to your style instead.


Did Someone Say Woolly Jumper?

Big Wooly Jumper

Knitwear is important at this time of year so it’s important to make sure that you have that included into your wardrobe. There are a number of knitwear disasters out there so choose some timeless designs, rather than something just to ‘keep you warm’ which can often be the case. It is something that trends year in, year out and shouldn’t be ignored, especially when the snow does eventually start to fall. Whether you decide to choose an oversized jumper, turtle neck or even certain knitted patterns, you’ll need to add this winter essential into your wardrobe.



White Knit Headband with Pink Knit Flower

There are no longer days where you will need to cover your head in a woolly hat and basically meaning your hair is tied up like straw. There are a number of different and stylish options available which include ear muffs that can be personalised and of course, a favourite, the knitted headband. Keep it wrapped around your head without messing up your glorious hair and continue to keep your ears as warm as possible. You can look glamorous and still do your hair the way you’d like it with knitted headbands, so it’s time you invested in one, don’t you think?



ladies jewellery false eyelashes

You should jewellery for every occasion and that is regardless of what outfit you wear. There are dainty pieces for the summer, statement pieces for the winter and a combination between the two for the likes of autumn and spring. Look into your wardrobe and see whether you have statement pieces to match your bold winter outfits, especially as it can add the finishing touches to your outfit, almost immediately! Jewellery is also important because it can dictate the formality of your outfit, helping you go from smart/casual to smart instantly. Whether you are looking into adding an item into your every growing ladies jewellery collection or you are looking to add a Thomas Sabo Charm to your charm bracelet, it’s time you considered your next jewellery purchase ladies.


Snoods? Yes Snoods.

infinity scarf

Fashion bloggers all over the world are continuing to write about the rise of ‘the snood’ or the ‘infinity scarf’ which is both practical and amazing. With the knitted top and zero hanging threads you no longer need to worry about the scarf blowing into your false eyelashes. You simply place it over the top of your head and you have a winter essential ready.





There a number of different footwear options that you can look for when you want some reliable footwear for the winter. However, there is an option that not many people consider, especially, as they often have dry and generic designs. Wellington boots, or ‘wellys’ as they are often called, can keep your feet comfortable with the rubber sole and keep you dry and snug during the winter months without ruining your favourite shoes. This has seen a number of major labels like Jimmy Choo jump join the designs, seeing as they’ve seen a huge surge in popularity. Wellington boots are now quickly becoming a trending item so we think it’s time you purchased some, especially as you’ll never look back once you do.


The Winter Clutch

leather clutch


Is there ever a list without a clutch? A big should always be included into your essentials and well when is it ever a bad time to get a clutch? There are different types of bags suited to different outfits, seasons and occasions but that does not mean you should stop collecting them. You will want something that helps you with your valuables when you are out and about. Explore the leather options and it’ll make sure that you are prepared for the winter, even when the weather decides to take a turn for the worst.

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