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A “How to Video” for a Subtle Evening Look

A “How to Video” for a Subtle Evening Look. Shot and Edited by PGStudioLA.

Video Excerpts: I’m going to show you how to put on fake eyelashes. I’m going to start with the night time look. Maybe if you’re going to the club or out with your friends. I like the 117’s (Brand: Ardell, Style #117, Color Black). They are not too thick or too thin and you can always add mascara on them. When you are taking them off, you have to be careful when you pull them because there is a little bit of glue…You want to take off the little bit of glue that is already on there…

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  1. CabanaGoGo

    Thanks for the vid! You make it look so easy. Pls do a tutorial on how to apply to the bottom lash, because I find it very difficult and don’t know how.

  2. CabanaGoGo


    When applying fake eyelashes, you put them on the lashline as close as possible, right? This makes sense for top eyelashes but my bottom eyelashes are basically non existent and I’m worried if I may apply the fake bottom eyelashes to my bottom eyelash line? I’m not sure where to find the line? I’m a little confused. Thanks!

  3. kendravirtue

    Hi, great vid! I like to know when peeling off your false eyelashes does your real lashes get pulled off too? This may sound like a dumb question but I wanted to make sure b4 I try them out.

  4. ytirbeleCmI

    I love the way they look… and I used to get extensions put on and my son ripped a chunk out… I then started to wear the strips and love them!

  5. Fairy-Dreams

    I love my lashes. Mascara is messy, and does not have the same effect as false lashes. I find applying false lashes quick and easy and love the drama.

  6. ☻smiling☻

    If you are wearing fake eyelashes and want to put mascara on them, can you re-use the fake eyelashes? I also heard that you can actually wash them in warm water to wash off the mascara, can this be done?

  7. Mary

    Putting mascara on fake eyelashes can ruin the lashes. You should put mascara on your own lashes before applying the fake lashes. If putting on mascara on the fake eyelashes directly, it will completely ruined the shape of the fake eyelashes. You can re-use lashes. Just peel them off and use tweezers to peel off the extra glue off them. You can not wash your fake eyelashes. They will loose shape and be rendered unusable.

  8. ygo

    @Mary: “You can not wash your fake eyelashes. They will loose shape and be rendered unusable. .”

    Let me clarify there are conflicting views on whether it is okay to wash the false lashes. The correct answer is YES AND NO. There are basically two main types strip eyelashes on the market. There are the false lashes made with human hair and there are those made with synthetic fiber (plastic fiber). Mary is right that you can not wash your fake (human hair) lashes. But you can definitely wash false lashes made with synthetic fiber. These lashes are water resistant through they are a bit shiny and fake looking compare to human hair false lashes. Hope this helps Ygo :>

  9. MsGinaL

    Thank for the video. I also found this video tutorial very helpful at

  10. TheCuteKiss

    Hi, good tutorial by the way you make it look so easy.. i wanted to know if you can remove the eyelashs easily when using duo glue? Is it that waterproof that you could go swimming and still have the eyelash still intact?

  11. zumbatastic

    I have alopecia and am eyelash free. I have tried many times to apply the fake once on but I find it very difficult to make them straight. Part of the problem is that my hands get shaky and can barely keep them steady. Does anyone have any tips for me?

  12. Gracey

    I found the following tips online.

    Be seated so you can rest your elbow on a table. (This will help keeping your and steady)

    Have an adjustable magnifying mirror ( 5 or 6x is ideal) that you can tilt and raise/lower in height.

    Sometimes the only lashes you need are the outside third….depends on the shape/depth of your own eyes.
    Other people need a full length across. but the outer third is the most convincing.

    It can be easier to apply a strip if you cut it into 2 halves or even thirds..put on a section at a time.

    After you apply the glue to the strip, wave it around a bit or wait a few moments for it to be tacky ( remember rubber cement from school which is tackier if you let it go matte first?) will stick better. Be sure you lid is dry and clean before you start to help with adhesion.

  13. churchlassics

    I cut my false lashes into 4 pieces and apply them on my upper inner lashline, so basically INSIDE the eye… The effect is, they look super natural and I dont have to apply black eyeliner to cover up the lashline!


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