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7 Secrets About Fashion And Makeup That Amaze You

When looking for new trends on UAE shop and fashion dresses, we realized that there is another important thing that our audience should know, fashion secrets and makeup tips that can help them improve their skin and enhance their style. To find our more please read below for 7 secrets about fashion and makeup that amaze you:


Match products with your skin type

When purchasing products for your skin, make sure that the products you’re purchasing match your skin type. Also, to prevent damaging your skin in long-run check the ingredients of products before purchasing and ensure that you’re not allergic to anything you’re purchasing.


Castor Oil

Wear Sun Block and Use Castor Oil

Wearing sun block every day will not only protect your skin from the sun but will also keep it healthy. Some people only wear sun block during the summers, but that notion should be let go off and you should wear sun block all year round.

Applying castor oil and olive oil to lashes regularly can increase the health and length of lashes, and make your lashes look extremely pretty.

wardrobe fashion

Cover the Basics

First thing first, this is a golden rule. If you want to follow fashion that doesn’t mean you need to go on a weekly or a monthly shopping spree. If you get the basics right and have few diverse items that suit you in your wardrobe you’re good to go for more than one season. So, if you have a black dress, a party dress, a blazer, dress pants and some cute tops and sweaters in your wardrobe, you can layer them up for winters and for summers you can use them with shorts and skirts. To follow fashion you don’t need to spend a lot of money you just need to know how to put different pieces together.



How not to worry about your Body Type?

This one is my absolute favorite, because who doesn’t want to know about that one piece of clothing that would fit any body type. Well, your search along with my search is over and you need to go out and buy an A-line dress because that’s what you need if you are not feeling too confident about your body and want something that will make any body type look good.


Green Tea

Have Green Tea:

If you have green tea everyday due to its antioxidant properties your skin will start becoming clear and radiant over time.


Flattering Dress

Flatter your figure?

When you are looking for a dress that could flatter your figure, you should know that the trapper cuts can flatter most body types but apart from that it’s more about the proportion of the dress or clothing you are wearing to your body. For example, if you are trying a regular skirt that you think is not flattering your body type, trying a size bigger or size smaller might actually make a difference.



Honey Water:

If you drink honey water with lemon everyday on an empty stomach in the morning, not only will it give you a radiant and glowing skin but it will improve your metabolism and help you with weight loss.

Use the tips above to get a clear skin, enhance your style and create fashionable looks for yourself.


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