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6 Ways to Use Falsies to Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful


Eyes are the most striking features of one’s face, at first glance, the thing that an observer will notice first about you is how good your eyes look. There are a lot of beautiful eye shapes and colours, but no one will deny the definite appeal of large eyes. Eyes can be made to look larger by the make up trick of using false eyelashes in a variety of manners, among other tips and tricks. You can use false eyelashes at the bottom, middle or top of your eyes, and in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. If you think the world of eye manipulation by using fake eyelashes is tricky, we’ll walk you through in this detailed article. Read on to find out!


  1. False Eyelashes That Start Midway.

False eyelashes have historically been applied along the top or bottom lining of the eyes, along the entire length of the eye. But here is a new trick – experts, with experiments, have found that sticking false eyelashes along the bottom lining of the eyes, but starting from the centre of the eye lining and ending at the edge, works to provide much better results than doing otherwise in traditional methods ever would. For this trick, you have to take a line of false eyelash, slice the piece in half, and then stick it to the bottom of your eye starting from the exact centre of your eye-line, for the best results.


  1. When You Apply False Eyelashes, Fit Them Exactly To Your Eyes.

False eyelashes come in several shapes, sizes and colours, and some might not be the most perfect fit in the world for your eyes or you right from the word ‘go’. To cover for this discrepancy, you have to trim, fit, extend, fold, soak the lashes into neat shapes and sizes so that when you wear them, they look like they were intended for you from the time they were being manufactured.


  1. Placing Several Sets Of Falsies Atop The Others Allows For A More Voluminous Look.

Every woman has a distinct look in mind when she goes for her falsies. If you are the type that wants very full lashes, with dark, thick hair creating a beautiful halo around the eyes, this hack is for you. To create falsies of a type by stacking, you have to take two, three or as many falsies that give you your

desired look, and stack them all together, for making your lashes look thicker tan they ever could otherwise, and giving your eye makeup a lot of drama.


  1. Trim Falsies From The Centre For Better Effects.

Who said that you always had to put on falsies in full for the best look in the world? No one, I can assure you. For the looks hot off the runways, which expert makeup artists have recently devised, you have to take a false eyelash line and trim it exactly in half, from the centre, can one half, and apply one the other to your eyes. This trick, when applied to falsies on both the upper and lower eye liens, produces results that look way better on you than full lashes ever could.


  1. Save Up And Indulge On That False Eyelash Applicator.

Now you can try all the ways you want, and get some lashes right and the others wrong. You will look amazing all the same, but you might use this and take your game several notches higher: a false eyelash applicator. Yes, you heard me right. This tool, curated specifically for application of and on false eyelashes, is something that will help you in your efforts to get those perfect eyelashes. From the perfect shape to the perfect fit and the perfect trim, this small device will ensure all, so you better include it in the shopping list for next time.


  1. Handle False Eyelash Glue With Care.

From the time of putting glue on to removing it, there are ways of doing it perfectly. You can soak falsies in hot water to get rid of excess glue, or use tweezers instead. Also, while applying it, you should make the glue ideally as dry as you can, and rely on the eyelash band to hide traces of it.

False eyelashes are a definitive blessing to everyone who believes that eyes are the windows to the soul, and should be made accordingly glamorous.


Author Bio:

Emily is passionate about the sweet things in life, and talks excessively about the joy of eating sweets. She also is a travelling enthusiast, and would love to talk life and style over with you.

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