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5 Spring Make-up Tips to Get an Enchantress Look

5 Spring Make-up Tips to Get an Enchantress Look


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In the current world, how you look matters the most. Flaunt your looks actively if you have them. In fact, make-up is amongst the things that enhance your beauty, thus you will look prettier than you are.

Spring comes with fresh and new trends both in fashion and beauty. Some individuals have by now updated their wardrobes. Also, it is the right time to check your make-up bag and if need be, refresh it. 

There are countless stunning make-up styles for you this spring. Fortunately, our post will narrow the search to 5 gorgeous spring make-up tips you must have:

  1. Barely-there base
Barely there

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SJ Froom, a makeup artist said, “this is a look that is regularly seen on the catwalks during fashion week because less is more”. “Artists just apply coverage where it is necessary to create a kind of ‘no make-up’ appearance. The flawless base is created by using fewer products while keeping the focus on the features. Therefore, it enhances your complexion without having the feel/look of makeup on your skin”, she continued.

How to apply while at home: SJ instructs you to allow the skincare products to absorb fully before you buff in a slack mineral foundation. This way, it gives you an opportunity to build coverage as needed.

She further instructs that you can use your fingers to hide where necessary for you to have a more skin-like. After that, you can enhance your eyes using a soft brown liner while using mascara for eyelashes. She advises that you can decide to use a natural looking blush as well as a natural lip color for a fresh spring appearance.

Note: Before you apply your base, make sure that the foundation matches your skin tone. 

  • Liquid metal lips
Liquid metal lips

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You achieve this look by using metallic cream Eyeshadow as it is long-lasting and provide a high shine.

How to apply it? Sara wren advises you to choose your shade and then paint on your lips. You can mix makeup eye pigments to get the tone that you want and make sure to put on a dress that goes well with the color of the pigment.

Luckily, getting a nice dress to compliment your looks is an easy task these days as there are plenty of girls party dresses available either online or in a shop next to you. Whether you are planning for that birthday party, wedding or any party during the day or night, you will find a beautiful dress for the occasion.

“After achieving your tone, you can top it using a clear balm by patting on using a finger to get a light-reflecting finish which is good for the lips. You can now complete your look with natural and fluffy brows while avoiding mascara to ensure that the look is casual”, Sara said.

  • Glowing skin
Glowing skin

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Glowing skin and less makeup is amongst the trends that will be big this year. Therefore, you will see more of natural skin with less foundation. Many people do appreciate spending less on beauty routine even during spring.

The most important thing to do for glowing skin is to make sure that your skin is healthy. For that reason, engage in a solid skincare schedule for beautiful, shining skin through the spring season.

Working out is another great thing for glowing skin. You can get on your bodybuilding workout clothes and join a gym nearby where you get all the tools/equipment for HIIT. It’s a proven fact that working out flushes out toxins, carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and makes your skin healthy.

  • Drawn on dolly lashes

“Take a thin eyeliner brush to draw bold and short strokes on the eyelids above your eye crease. This gives you eyelashes look-like. You can flick them out headed for your eyebrows to achieve an over- overstressed lash outcome”, Sara said.

“Many couples of false lashes can be layered on top of one another and then apply to both your bottom and top lash lines. Use mascara to generously coat your false lashes if you need heavy looking eyelashes”, she concluded.

  • Contouring with concealer

Many people usually contour using highlighter and bronzer. However, a major contouring trend this spring is using concealer. It is advisable to have creamier products than the powder formulas for a subtler appearance.

Use a concealer that you prefer to contour as well as highlight your face to flawlessness. You should use several concealers and remember you should use a lighter shade for highlighting and a darker shade for contouring.

Ensure you choose a transfer-resistant and waterproof concealer so that it will not disappoint. Also, buy one concealer that is about 2-3 shades lighter than the skin tone and another that is 2-3 shades darker than the skin tone.

How to apply: Apply your foundation and on the shadow areas of your face like under the cheekbones, along the jawline, under the bottom lip, and around temples apply the darker shade. Then, illuminate the high points using a lighter concealer.

Lastly, blend the dark and light areas altogether. First, blend the areas with lighter shade before blending the areas with a darker shade. Blending is an important part as it will help you realize subtle and natural-looking highlights and shadows.


Spring is a season to explore minimal makeup looks with vibrant color, but keeping your look natural and soft. The above makeup trends are simple and you can do them by yourself.

Apart from make-up trends, spring also comes with fashion. There will be stylish and beautiful dresses (official and casual/party dresses). Regardless of your style, there will be plenty of dresses ranging from mesh to off-shoulder. Some dresses are sensitive to a person’s shape. For that reason, it is crucial to settle for a dress that goes well with your shape.

Nonetheless, it is good news that there are waist-training-corsets that help you achieve a slimmer waist so that you can fit in a dress of your choice. Also, the corsets are available in different sizes, material, and styles to make sure that your needs are well catered for.

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