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4 Simple Secrets to Accentuate Your Eyes

Indeed, eyes are the most captivating feature of the face. Applying some makeup and adding a striking finish to them not only uplifts your face; but also makes your look more glamorous and sensuous. However, unlike celebrities, you don’t have professional makeup artists around you, to glam up your eyes with complementing eye shadows, fine liners, and feathery eye lashes. Therefore, you should learn some simple secrets to accentuate your eyes yourself.

·        Shape your eyebrows

Eye brows are also called the highlighters for the eyes; as they make the almond-shape of the eye more prominent. Thus, no matter how finely shaped your natural eyebrows are, you should pluck the unnecessary hair around them. You can visit a professional at a saloon to get your eyebrows shaped; but if you are confident enough, then you can even do it yourself as well. Apply Ardell Brow Defining Powder to the perfectly groomed brows to bring them out.

·        Choose the eye shadows carefully

Applying eye shadows is more than just coloring your eye lids. You need to be very selective while choosing the color, and very precise while applying it.

For those with brown eyes, they can apply all colors; however, shades of purple look best on them. On the other hand, people with colored eyes are recommended to use bronze and shades of brown to highlight their eyes.

·        Apply eye liner

The secret behind a perfect eye liner lies in the sharpness of the liner’s tip and the smoothness of your hand movement. Start with a thin line; keep your hand still, and bring it to the end of the eye, without breaking it in the middle.

·        Don’t forget your false lashes

Last but not the least, come the false eye lashes. These are the only accessories you can wear onto your eyes; therefore, never forget to include them in your makeover. Just like eye shadows, you need to be a bit selective with the pair of lashes you are going to wear. Consider the shape and size of your eyes, and also the event you are going to, before buying them. If you are going for a casual dinner or meeting, then wear something mild or natural looking. But if you want an edgy look, then opt for something bold and dramatic.

Ardell Eyelashes

Ardell eyelash, sometimes called the Ardell fashion lashes, is a cosmetic brand, known for its exclusive collection of fake eyelashes. The collection ranges from classy naturalites-lashes to funky faux lashes. Made from 100% sterile human hair, these fluttery falsies are best for eyes of all shapes – small, large and round eyes. Not just glamorous and affordable; these false lashes are also quite easy to wear and remove.

Ardell eyelashes are widely used and appreciated by the celebrities, makeup artists, fashionistas & models, worldwide. Its lashes are known for adding volume and vigor to eye lines, while preserving their natural beauty.

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