2018 Makeup Trends
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2018 Makeup Trends

2018 Makeup Trends

New season, new tendencies. Many tendencies are coming back from the past, which is good because there are many things about them looking good for any type of appearance. Women of fashion will definitely find something to their liking in the variety of features make-up artists propose. Experiment with colors, shapes, textures and choose a make-up, which is to focus on your advantages and hide the disadvantages. Nude, slight accents, studious carelessness, a rave of color or total pink — choose what is to your liking. Here are the most fashionable trends in make-up, let alone legacy methods, having a look at which you can say with confidence that you are ready for the year 2018!



Natural make-up is the tendency running its course. Nourishing cream, a transparent lip balsam and a pinch of highlighter are your beauty minimum. If you are still in need of a foundation product, pick light half-transparent tone with a light as a feather texture. Light and natural even a bit powdered eyebrows are in fashion. Clean skin, minimal eye make-up and neutral lips – it seems like there was one common goal at fashion shows 2018 – to show natural beauty of the models, without adding additional colors. So you could allow a make-up, which is basically invisible, prepare your skin. It has to be flat, smooth, moisturized. You may use an easier BB-crème instead of foundation product.


Gothic make-up, which is about pale skin, bold cat-like eyeliner, dark lips of wine color is also one of the leading trends. Such a make-up is quite universe. Despite its aggressiveness, it is going to look good at both girls with pretty faces and those whose faces have bigger features. It is especially recommended for those who have big eyes though. Eyelids lined up with a black contour are going to make your look magnetically attractive.


Eyeliner will become one of the main make-up products of the year 2018. All the techniques work here. For example, a famous Kate Moss make-up with eyes lined up with black and a pointer might be an inspiration. It is quite of an inspiration. It will look great for those who have warm brown eyes and cold blue ones. Put shades on eyelids thickly, it will make your make-up truly rock’n-roll.


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Eyelashes priority

False eyelashes are back on rack! Just like those Twiggy had in 1960`s. do not by scared or shy to make it on grotesque level. Focus on both, upper and lower eyelashes. A huge plus of the vogue of doll fake lashes is that they look good on any girl. Use eyelash curler for more expressive look.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes keep up with the fashion again! Do not try to make a perfect blending. You may risk and break the tether. Do not be shy if your make-up turns out to be irregular. No bright lipstick then so your face was not looking theatrically dramatic.

Graphic eyeliners

Classics in the manner of Marilyn Monroe or Briggite Bardot is out of fashion. Put emphasis on modernism. Use bright colors, white pencil, and blue eyeliner. Black “prints” on the eyes can make you look wilder and stronger.

Lip routine

Bright colors dominate when it comes to lip routine. The darker, the better. It is desirable to approach black. OMBRE or gradient coloring are also back. Not in a glitter look but matt one. Ombre on lips may be horizontal, vertical, on one lip only, done in the most different color themes and textures. This techniques allows to make lips look bigger visually, make them look more plump and attractive, without having to take more radical measures. If, on the contrary, there is a necessity to make lips look smaller, ombre will be in hand too. What you need to do is only to get priorities straight in other way. For example, a vertical light stripe between the two dark provides with additional volume. While the lighter edges with a darker middle part make lips look smaller visually.

Vinyl lip-gloss

For those who want to look daring and festively, use a bright lipstick with a vinyl glitter, pointers on both upper and lower eyelids, and the most important thing is have no fear to go beyond the make-up. Do not be afraid to sponge the lipstick or to spread it (which is almost impossible to avoid while kissing). Oh and do not ask a friend to touch up your lips with a lip-gloss, it is your style and your rules!

Whatever makeup tendency you are to choose, one thing should remain unchanged – flat shining skin as if you have just finished spa procedures series drinking fresh juices and clean water for the whole week along. Perfect skin is the base for any kind of fashionable makeup.

New trends can oftentimes be so showy and flowery that it seems to be impossible to apply them in everyday life. Nevertheless, do not ignore fresh fashion shows as long as far from everyone can become a fashionist developing a unique  outside the hours and trends style of one`s own. Thus, majority follow what is new in colors designs all the time, shapes and materials of accessories, hair, nail art, and, of course, stylish makeup.

About the author: Melisa Marzett who is working for best proofreading service online now, is looking for new challenges when it comes to writing articles. She has written plenty by now and eager to write more because this is what she enjoys doing, which is why it turns out to be so fascinating!


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