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13 Must Try Beauty Hacks For Redheads

Make your red locks even more fabulous than they already are!



1. To prevent split ends and make your hair super shiny, try this 30 minute coconut oil hair mask.

Summer and any kind of dry heat can wreak havoc on hair. So to keep that red looking glossy, all you need to do is take a handful of coconut oil, massage it into the hair and down to the roots, let it sit for 30 minutes, then shampoo, condition, and blowdry as you normally would. Your hair will feel healthier, glow, and you can kiss split ends adios!



2. Look for shampoo that's sulfate-free!

Particularly for redheads with sensitive skin this is a big one. The sulfates in shampoo, which cause your shampoo to lather, can irritate sensitive skin, cause frizziness, and make color-treated red hair dull. Check out more redhead-friendly shampoos here.



3. If you're like me, then going out in the sun means your hair gets blonder! To get the red back, ask your hairstylist for a 15-minute hair gloss. The result? Back to vibrant red.



4. Or if you want a lighter shade of red, mix cinnamon into your conditioner!

Combine a teaspoon of cinnamon and a palmful of conditioner, then massage it into your hair. You’ll need to leave the mixture on for 6-8 hours, so if you’d rather sleep with it in, wrap your hair in saran wrap or a plastic bag. When time’s up, simply rinse and style!



5. And if you have any cranberry juice in the fridge, then try a cranberry rinse in your hair (Nicole Kidman swears by it!).

Fred Prouser / Reuters

If you want to give this one a try, go in the shower and shampoo and condition as normal. As a final step, take a cup of cranberry juice and massage it into your hair. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and your hair will have a much deeper red tint.



6. If your eyebrows and lashes are fair and you're looking to darken them, you can use a tinted brow gel and fan brush.



7. If you're a fair-skinned ginge, use a sunscreen that's non-greasy and doesn't leave you smelling like, well, sunscreen.


I use Aveeno Protect + Hydrate SPF 50 on my face, and 30 on my body every morning. It smells like yummy lotion!



8. Spritz peppermint oil on your damp hair for a color boost! (Bonus: You'll smell like happiness.)



9. Up your Vitamin D intake to protect your skin from the sun!


Studies have shown that Vitamin D can have a protective effect on your skin and shield you from sunburn and skin cancer! So up that intake of Vitamin D rich foods, like salmon, eggs, mushrooms, cheese, and even fortified cereals and milk.



10. Amp up your sunscreen game by priming your skin with an antioxidant serum.

Antioxidants like Vitamins C, A, and E neutralize the free radicals found in UV rays and help to slow the aging process. Apply an antioxidant serum every morning before your sunscreen to double up that protection.



11. Your hair is all kinds of unique, so opt for redhead-friendly hair accessories, like this bun maker from How to be a Redhead.














12. Brown false eyelashes are the best way to kick up your look without breaking up the balance and harmony of your features.

false eyelashes for redheads

Redheads and natural blondes know that black eye makeup and false eyelashes can come off as too harsh or severe on their naturally light hair and light skin tones. Brown falsies lashes are the best way to kick up your look without breaking up the balance and harmony of your features. Using clear eyelash adhesive with your brown lashes will ensure that your look will be seamless, especially when paired with your own naturally light-colored eyelashes.








13. There's also redhead-approved bobby pins and hair ties!






Because a black hair tie just isn’t your shade.







Oh, and remember that being a redhead makes you exponentially more fabulous than most people.

Lucky you. (Redheads unite!)



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